Background of Our Logo

The three-pointed symbol depicted in our logo is adapted from the Core Assets Quadrant, as outlined by noted author and financial planner Lee Brower. The following is an excerpt from his book, The Brower Quadrant, in which he outlines the significance of the different sections of the symbol.

Core Assets (The Middle Section)

“Core assets influence every other quadrant. The Brower Quadrant logo was designed with the Core quadrant in the center to reflect this idea. All of the quadrants operate synergistically, meshing with other quadrants, but the Core quadrant is at the heart of the system. If left with only one quadrant, most would choose their Core Assets.

The you that makes you you symbolizes and summarizes your Core Assets. These are intrinsic – you’re born with or into them. Your responsibility is to nurture them, allow them to grow and expand to their potential: Your family, your health, your values, and, of course, your unique abilities and talents. These are the abilities, tendencies and proclivities with which we were endowed at birth.”

Experience Assets (First Point)

“When many of us think about the past, we dwell on our errors instead of capitalizing our assets or experiences. We think about what we should have done, what we should have said, how we should have been, instead of focusing on what we experienced, what we learned and how we can share that learning with others.

By recognizing the value of your experiences, by capitalizing those assets and sharing them with others, your life becomes a gift to the world.”

Contribution Assets (Second Point)

“Contributors to society are those who are aware of their surroundings and sense the congruities and incongruities with their higher purpose. They know what activities violate their purpose and which promote their unified family purposes. It is a love of life brought on by a heightened sense of love for others and the environment, spawned by deep appreciation for those things that are harmonious and encouraging of their values.

They are balanced within the quadrants, seeking optimization and growth of their assets, and they are lovingly willing to help and encourage family members and others. The interdependence of contribution-based families, united in purpose, fed by the certainty of knowing their intentions and actions are harmonious with their collective vision, leads to a continuous, unselfish, non-self-promoting impact on society which in turns feeds ever more appreciation and confidence.”

Financial Assets (Third Point)

“Financial empowerment is possible for everyone – no matter what your past or current experience of wealth or poverty. Accepting your current situation means you will no longer waste precious time and energy on self-pity, self-doubt, resentment, envy or frustration. Rather, you will begin to search for the vehicle that will get you where you want to go with an open mind, compassion and focused commitment, making a determined effort to follow the rules of financial empowerment.”

Source: Brower, L. (2009). The Brower Quadrant.