The Myles Process

The Myles Process is an innovative approach to financial planning and wealth management* that considers not only the financial aspects of each client’s life, but also his or her personal outlook on life—including values, life goals, and what brings joy to their lives. Working closely with each client to understand their goals and dreams, we build a plan using the three distinct stages of The Myles Process. Contact us today to learn more about how our unique approach can help you make decisions to help grow, preserve, and distribute wealth.

  • Stage 1: Discovery

    1. Earth’s Journey And Philosophy
    2. Life’s Meaning
    3. Financial Overview
      • Annual Tax Return Review
      • Net Worth Statement
      • Living Expense Worksheet
    4. Fact Finding
      • Goals, Objectives & Risk Tolerance
      • Assets, Liabilities & Insurance
  • Stage 2: Plan Creation

    1. Input Onto CDS For Net Worth Statement
    2. Wealthy And Wise - Cash Flow Analysis
    3. In-Depth Team Analysis
    4. Alternate Cash-Flow Scenarios
    5. Documentation Preparation
  • Stage 3: Refinement & Approval

    1. Review Portfolio Summary
    2. Review, Verify, And Adjust
    3. Agree On Recommendations
    4. Initiate Action