Myles Business Valuation Report

This simple 7-step process empowers business owners with the tools and information to value their business.

Helpful Documents and Information for completing BizEquity Online Valuation

In order to efficiently and accurately complete the BizEquity 7-step online valuation process, it will be helpful to have ready access to the following documents and details pertaining to the business under evaluation.

Helpful Documents

  • Last 3 Years of Federal Tax Returns (Forms 1065, 1120, 1120S or Schedule C)
  • Current Interim Financial Statements (income statement and balance sheet)
  • Cash Flow Forecast (to determine projected revenue growth and LT EBITDA margin)
  • Sales by Customer Report (to determine 3-Firm Concentration Ratio)
  • Sales Composition Report (to estimate percent of online sales)
  • Summary of Current Insurance Coverage (life, key person, liability, etc.)

Required Information

  • Financial Data (revenues, expenses, profits, assets and liabilities from tax returns and financial statements)


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